When the Sun Met the Moon by Simran Mohinani

Book cover of sun and moon close in sky
Book Genre "Learning" with "Learn" spelled in blocks

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Do you think the Sun could get lonely up there in the big sky all by itself? This story is the tale of just that! After getting tired of being alone in the sky day after day, the Sun sets out on an adventure to find the perfect match…the Moon!

I thought this was a really cute children’s story of a light-hearted search for love in the great big atmosphere. It was a well-written and had my kids completely engaged. I loved how the Sun was getting “burnt out” and needed the support of another to help out. A very cute and fun read overall!

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To Sleep in a Sea of Stars by Christopher Paolini

Copy of Science Fiction with pink background and oversized moon with reflection in water

Rating: 5 out of 5.

What an absolutely stunning, fabulous book!! To Sleep in a Sea of Stars is a story filled with excitement, adventure, surprises, aliens, space ships, sassy AIs, great characters, and a load of other things!

It’s the year 2257, and Kira Navárez accidentally stumbles across an alien relic that turns her world upside down. A dust-like substance begins to crawl over her, and she cannot remove it. It encompasses her entirely, creating a suit (the “xeno”), but one that has a mind of its own, sharing Kira’s body as a host. Kira soon finds herself in a situation where she is racing against the clock, and an army of dangerous aliens to save humans and life as we know it.

So, that was a pretty short description of an 880-page book. But don’t let the length be a deterrent for you! This was an absolutely excellent book. Christopher Paolini created an amazing world with characters that you connect with, and a story that you can’t put down!

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Love, Sophia on the Moon by Anica Mrose Rissi – Kid’s Book Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

What I Loved:

Love, Sophia on the Moon tells the entire story through letters between a mother and daughter. I loved this concept! It was so cute to read their banter back and forth, and felt just like the kind of conversations I have had with my own children as they decide they would prefer to live somewhere else, then decide, maybe not!

How I Felt:

The writing was perfect for the story. All of the words in the book are on letters going back and forth between Sophia and her mom. The emotions that are felt with each letter are so evident through the words, and I really appreciated how the author was able to capture and convey them. I giggled at how the mother would write about how she was making a favorite dish of Sophia’s for dinner. Sophia would respond with a funny comment about how her mom shouldn’t make that because of this or that. It was so well-written and my daughter and I really enjoyed it!

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