The Bromance Book Club by Lyssa Kay Adams

Rating: 3 out of 5.

What I Loved:

❤️ A group of men finding relevant love advice through trashy romance novels.

What Didn’t Work:

👎 Most of the characters were completely unlikable.

How I Felt:

The story introduces the reader to Gavin, a major league baseball player, and a man with a marriage falling apart. After a fabulous win, he and his wife get down and dirty and Gavin discovers that she’s been faking it their entire marriage. This leads to an awful argument and a separation. Some of the other players on his MLB team approach him and introduce him to their Bromance Book Club. The club is a group of men reading Regency romance novels and taking away the love advice.

Gavin is skeptical but does try it out. His first step is to offer his wife, Thea, a deal. They agree for him to move back in until Christmas, and if Gavin can’t win her back, he’ll give her a divorce. Gavin has some guidelines though, she must kiss him goodnight every night and go on a date with him each week. Will Gavin’s plan to win Thea back work or is the advice from the romance novels a waste of time?

I enjoyed the idea of this plot. I liked that Gavin was expanding his idea of how to love his wife. He’s trying new things, and working at the relationship. I struggled though, with Thea’s end of the bargain. I felt like she was putting nothing into the relationship. I know that it was Gavin’s job to win her back, however, she was the one faking it through their entire marriage. Her frustration and ultimate reason for a divorce comes down to her not trusting people, and yet, she was the one keeping secrets from Gavin for so long.

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