The Child of Auschwitz by Lily Graham

Rating: 5 out of 5.

My Thoughts:

What I Loved: The writing in this book was descriptive, yet never over-describing so that I lost interest. I loved the way the author built this story. The timeline would jump back and forth between Auschwitz and before the war. The way Lily Graham made the time jumps helped to build the characters and was done just right.

How I Felt: I loved this book. The story was so powerful, shedding, yet again, new light onto the experiences of people in Auschwitz. I was completely connected to all the characters and drawn into the story. Loose ends were all tied up, making me feel complete at the end of the book.

To Read or Not To Read: Of course, if you enjoy historical fiction, especially surrounding WWII, this is a perfect read for you. If you think you might enjoy historical fiction, this is a great one to start with. Just want to say this one more time. I loved this book.

What’s This Book About Anyway?

Eva Adami and her entire family have been placed in a smaller concentration camp awaiting their placement at their next camp. She meets Sofie, looking for her cousin who last had Sofie’s son. Eva finds her husband pushed onto a train headed for Auschwitz and she volunteers to follow him with Sofie coming with.

Together they support each other, saving each other, and looking for Eva’s husband and Sofie’s cousin. They endure the horrors of the camp, find ways to barter and trade for survival necessities, and try to steer clear of the guards.

Eva and Sofie find Eva’s husband and arrange a clandestine meeting with the help of a guard. Soon, Eva realizes she is pregnant and must hide her pregnancy to avoid death. She and Sofie vow to survive to raise their children in the aftermath of this terrible war. Their story, while heartbreaking, is a rewarding story for any reader.

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