The Stillwater Girls by Minka Kent

Rating: 5 out of 5.

My Thoughts:

What I Loved: The two main girls in this book grew up in a cabin with their mother completely excluded from society, not knowing what existed outside of their homestead. I loved the concept of these girls completely removed from electronics, cars, and modern conveniences. It made their characters so interesting!

How I Felt: I was drawn into this story from the beginning. The book is written from two perspectives: Wren, the oldest girl and Nicolette, a woman living in the woods outside of town. Initially, I was not interested in Nicolette’s story. I couldn’t figure out what she had to do with Wren and her sister, but as the plot unfolds, all is revealed and I found myself excited for Nicolette’s story line. I was so interested in this story and what would happen next. There were many things that I figured out early on, but a few things happened that just blew me away. I had to put the book aside for a few minutes and take in everything that was happening! It was thrilling and I loved it!

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