The Time Capsule by Connie Lacy

Rating: 5 out of 5.

What I Loved:

There was a lot I loved about this story! I loved the way the main character, Hannah, travels back in time. I loved the determination she had to make things right. It made her character so interesting, and I enjoyed her story!

My Synopsis:

Hannah Meyers has just quit her job and is looking forward to a break from some jerky co-workers. She heads to her theater practice where she holds a small role in a play. Through a set of events, she didn’t know she was putting into motion, she is propelled back in time to 1918.

Completely confused and disoriented, she stumbles around the theater, meeting two gentlemen that take pity on her. Through their kindness, she is set up in a boarding house, getting the chance to figure out what on earth has happened to her.

All she wants is to find out how to get back to her time, but when one thing after another happens, she realizes that she cares for the people she has met and that she may have a role to play in their lives.

How I Felt:

This book was so wonderful! It had time travel, which I love, but more than that, it was a wonderful story with characters that I cared about, and a wrap-up that I adored!

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