The Constant Princess by Philippa Gregory

Rating: 4 out of 5.

My Thoughts:

What I Loved: Learning about the early life of Katherine of Aragon was so fascinating. It seems that she is always featured in books, but only as the wife that Henry is trying to get rid of so he can marry Anne Boleyn. It was nice to learn about Katherine before that time.

How I Felt: I was so intrigued by a story I had not known before. I had no idea who Katherine’s parent were, what kind of family she came from, etc. I felt the story brought to life this woman and her history.

To Read Or Not To Read: If you like historical fiction this is a great one for you. Readers interested in Henry the VIII will find this book quite enjoyable!

What’s This Book About Anyway?

This story starts with Katherine of Aragon, engaged at the age of 4 to the Prince of Wales, Arthur. She is raised to be the Queen she will one day become. When she finally sails for England, she is introduced to a father-in-law she doesn’t like and a husband who isn’t much better. She slowly starts to become comfortable in her new life, but then Arthur dies. She was raised to be a Queen and determines to set her sights on the next King in line.


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The Virgin Queen’s Daughter by Ella March Chase

Rating: 4 out of 5.

What I Loved:

Ella March Chase writes a book that is completely founded on non-historical information around Elizabeth I, and it is so intriguing. The what-if factor made it impossible for me to put this down.

How I Felt:

I was excited to get through this book. I wanted to know what was happening, what would happen. I was propelled through this book by the writing and the characters.

The Story:

Nell de Lacey is the daughter of a previous lady-in-waiting to Katherine Parr, King Henry VIII’s last wife. All she wants in life is to meet the Princess Elizabeth! Elizabeth is soon crowned Queen, and Nell is called up to be a lady-in-waiting. **How Exciting!!**

But there are rumors at court, ones surrounding Elizabeth and a nine-month gap in her history. Nell arrives and those rumors are quickly flames. Nell looks like the Queen with red hair and a face to match Elizabeth’s. Nell is now in danger of being caught in court politics and possibly sent to the tower.

To Read or Not To Read:

If you love historical fiction or are a fan of Phillipa Gregory, this is a great book option for you!

Where To Find This Book:

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As captivating now as it was more than four centuries ago, the reign of Elizabeth I—with its scandal, intrigue, and resilience—has sparked the imaginations of generations. In her sweeping historical debut, Ella March Chase explores a thrilling possibility: that the Tudor bloodline did not end with the Virgin Queen.

Tucked away in the country estate of her beloved father, Lord Calverley, young Nell de Lacey feeds her hungry mind with philosophy, language, and studies of science. Her mother, once a devoted lady-in-waiting to Henry VIII’s last wife, Katherine Parr, would rather her daughter stop dabbling in the grand affairs of men and instead prepare for her eventual duties as a wife. She knows all too well what menace lurks in royal courts.

But Nell’s heart yearns for something more, and a chance meeting with Princess Elizabeth, then a prisoner of the Tower of London, pushes her closer toward finding it. Now, years later, Nell’s chance arrives when she is summoned to serve as a lady-in-waiting to the newly crowned Queen Elizabeth. Nell is entranced by the splendor and pageantry of royal life, unaware of the danger and deception that swirls around the monarch and her courtiers.

But a lingering rumor about nine unaccounted for months in the Virgin Queen’s past reignites when the flame-haired Nell—a mirror image of Her Majesty both physically and intellectually—arrives at court. Quickly she catches the eye not only of the cunning Elizabeth, but of those who would see the queen fail. With strong evidence to connect Elizabeth to her newest maid of honor and the politics of England in turmoil, the truth could send Nell and those she loves to the Tower to join in the wretched fates of those who’ve gone before her.

Engrossing and enlightening, The Virgin Queen’s Daughter brings to life one of the greatest mysteries of one of the greatest monarchs. Ella March Chase’s vivid storytelling gives due credence to a daughter who might have been and a mother who never was.

Just the Facts:

The Virgin Queen’s Daughter by Ella March Chase
Page Count: 352 pages
Publisher: Crown
Pub Date:  December 30th 2008


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The Last Wife of Henry VIII by Carolly Erickson

Rating: 4 out of 5.

My Thoughts:

What I Loved: The book follows the life of Catherine Parr, last wife to King Henry the VIII. I knew about her life up until his death, but did not know anything about her life after his death. I was so interested in this story!

How I Felt: Carolly Erickson writes a great historical fiction book with details that are true woven with the fabrication of a fiction novel. It takes you away into the story, and I felt that it was done extremely well.

To Read or Not To Read: Historical fiction fans will love this book, especially if you enjoy the Henry VIII stories. If you read Philippa Gregory and you haven’t checked out Carolly Erickson, you really should!

What’s This Book About Anyway?

Catherine Parr was the last wife to King Henry VIII. It is well known that he ruthlessly got rid of wives as he found an attraction to a new woman. Catherine managed to escape his wrath for a long time, but soon it was her turn. Henry had her imprisoned, but the released her, and finally died before he could move forward with executing her. She became a member of a very small club of surviving a marriage with Henry the VIII. Follow her life and marriages through this wonderfully written book!


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