Virginia and the Vagabond by Skyler Frey

Rating: 4 out of 5.

What I Loved:

Well, what a delightful book this was! I loved that this book had so many surprises. I literally had jaw-dropping moments multiple times in this book. Something completely unexpected would happen and I was just completely taken by surprise! I loved it!

My Synopsis:

We meet Virginia as she does her daily household duties for the Howards, a prestigious English family. Virginia, we soon find, has a secret! Two years ago, she stumbled across a time warp and landed in the past. She hasn’t figured out how to get home, so she has hung up her Metallica t-shirt and her dreams of owning an art gallery in exchange for the only work she can find, a lady’s maid.

She is about to give her notice to her employers when her lady shows her a photo of the gentleman caller for tonight’s dinner. Virginia cannot believe it. It is Eric Rylander, and Virginia knows him…from the future. Through an accidental comment, Eric realizes that Virginia is also from the future. A bond is immediately formed that leads to a steamy romance with one problem. Eric is all but engaged to Lady Lara Howard.

How I Felt:

Virginia and the Vagabond was more than just a romance. There are elements of a woman’s struggle for equality as well as touching on gender identity. I liked all the layers within the story that made it an engrossing read.

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